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ARRON (Assisted Repair and Review Online) is a digital administration platform ideal for both manufacturer and large dealer groups to cover

  • Digital Aftersales Processes,

  • Digital Dashboard Performance

  • Digital Training Portal,

  • Digital Audit.

  • Digital Audit Analytics Dashboard


ARRON is a software application that provides your Brand with a clear aftersales manufacturers process for your network.

Stop crediting your network in advance for suggested labour and material costs without reviewing repair administration.

Significantly improve your claim crediting accuracy by viewing live claim administration from your network. Audit repairs immediately and semi atomate online training

Live claims administration review, Live network claim chat / notification.

Remote audit your network & semi automate your training online.

Improve efficiency, accuracy. Reduce overpayments, View live dashboard KPI’s

Franchised Retailers

ARRON is a software application with 3 modules ideally suited for manufacturers and Franchised retailers.

The system speeds up your aftersales administration process, improving administration accuracy and recovery costs whilst saving significant time and improved efficiency in your aftersales department.

Aaron has an aftersales process which incorporates technicians repair (administration), warranty assessment, Audit functionality and a semi-automated training module .

View live performance data from your dashboards to eliminate aged debt and identify areas of poor performance.

The system integrates with all DMS platforms

Benefits and Cost Savings - Manufacturer’s

Improve Efficiency

·         Review live claims administration.

·         Live claim chat & Notification.

·         Remote Audit functionality.

·         Semi-automated online training.

Increase Recovery Costs

·         Accurate payment by reviewing live administration.

·         Immediately Identify claim overcharging incidences from previous servicing, used approved check administration.

Improve Training

·         Identifying trends / issues from dashboard KPI’s

·         Creating your own training courses and libraries.

·         Automated assessments for poor performance & updated training

Support Existing Infrastructure

·         Easy Integration of systems

·         Remote working / centralisation support functions.

·         Dashboard’s performance KPI’s

Create Consistency

·         Through consistent administration processes

·         Through training and audit support processes

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