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Staff Assessment Online tool giving your business the ability to assess staff on the move

Our Staff Online Assessment tool is used by your business to test staff job knowledge and can be used as part of yearly performance meetings to identify training needs within your business and to provide additional training and understanding for job roles assigned including GDPR knowledge. This tool can also be used as part of staff onboarding probationary periods, regularly testing at set intervals the knowledge gained. As part of the initial classroom training or induction this tool can also include any end of training tests or exams that may need to be undertaken.


Staff can be assessed remotely using smartphones and tablets reducing downtime and loss of productivity.

The Online Assessment tool is managed by someone or team who has responsibility for the training requirements of your employees within your business and is fully self sufficient without the need for expensive changes required and therefore the business is able to create, edit and manage a library of tailored training modules containing questions and answers relevant to their job roles and business requirements and can then provide relevant training videos and information directly to your employee's via notifications via email or portal to help them in gaining further experience and understanding of their job role. Pass marks can be set internally by the person or team who has training responsibility for different modules and job roles, including the ability to print certificates.

Highlights of the Online Assessment Tool include.

•     Create bespoke training library Q&A tests for specific job roles

•     Create a Video and Information Training Library

•     Assess Staff on the Move Remotely - Removing Downtime and Loss of Productivity

•     Review All Test results

•     Distribute Information and Videos to Employee Notification Inbox

•     View Only Access for Managers to View Results for Team Members

•     Superuser Access to Allow Administration/Adding/ Removing Staff

•     Fully Hosted and supplied as Software as a Service - SaaS -  (See home page for hosting details)

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