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Computerised systems are rapidly changing the way we do things. From online shopping to online banking we are now living in a rapidly growing IT solutions led world. We at Autoapps Global Ltd specialize in developing IT solutions for your business requirements large or small.

Secure IT Solutions

to streamline a bespoke process in your Business.

STEAR is a computerised solution assisting the automotive industry to create, process & archive electronic job-packs for all repairs undertaken in the Service Department. Within this solution there is functionality to improve the flow of administration throughout the service departments to support the missing elements of Dealer Management Systems.

Handwritten repair write ups are still used throughout the world to document repairs undertaken in the workshop & other pieces of paper based documents are collected into a pack and filed into archive upon completion for future retrieval. The STEAR solution vastly speeds up the process of documenting a repair using a library of amendable template write ups compared to the garages using current paper based workshop write up administration & filing processes.



Incident Management is a computerised incident management system that captures incidents from staff. Calls or reports are logged against users stored on the system detailing the incident. Once resolved the calls are closed against a resolution type. Calls are colour coded against age (green, amber red). Statistical reports can be run against KPI's or incidents reported. 

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Web Accessible

3. Hosted Centrally

For piece of mind

We host our solutions with an external hosting partner who have been developing and hosting web sites and operating their own data centres since 1995. They have grown each year enabling them to remain profitable and financially stable whilst expanding the services and facilities they can offer.

They are an ISO 27001 certified company with many years experience of both hosting and connectivity solutions.


They support many types of clients both technical and non technical including (but not limited to) small 'one man bands', large multi nationals, local authorities, police forces, web development companies and some of the most recognised brand names in the world.


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